Emmetts's Fight – Button Battery Awareness

About Emmett's Fight

On October 16th 2010, the lives of the Rauch family were changed forever, when 12 month old Emmett, swallowed a button battery. Present in devices in almost every home, Emmett's parents had no idea of the dangers of these seemingly innocent items. Emmett became very poorly, very quickly – the caustic soda that produced when the electrical charge meets saliva, caused a hole to be burned through oesophagus and trachea. The chemical burn inside him were so severe, he almost didn't survive. His road to recovery was a long one, and it is still not over yet. Emmett's suffering could have been prevented, if his family had known that button batteries were dangerous, especially when swallowed.

The Rauch started Emmett's Fight to bring awareness to the dangers of button batteries to families all over the world. They would never have allowed their children any where near these house hold items,if they were aware of the danger. They want to prevent other families of going through the trauma of watching their child in pain and suffering. By providing education and support, hopefully other can be saved, and learn to keep batteries out of sight and secure.

This site is not the official website for Emmett's fight, but still contains useful information about button battery awareness.