Emmetts's Fight – Button Battery Awareness

Supporting Emmett's Fight

There has been support or the button battery awareness campaign, with people all over the world joining Emmett's Fight. Thanks to the work of a brilliant medical care team, Emmett survived swallowing the button battery, but others may not be so lucky. You can help prevent incidences like this by joining Emmett's fight, and informing your friends, family and loved ones about the potential dangers of button batteries, when the proper care is not taken. Joining the official Facebook Page for the campaign, is a great way to spread information, as well as to keep up with all the news on Emmett's recovery and journey through life.

If you can, you can give a financial donation to Emmett's fight, which could make a big difference in a child's life. Every donation helps, no matter how small. It ill help give parents the awareness and education they need to protect their children against the dangers of button battery, and suffering in the same way that Emmett did. Emmett had to fight for a long time on his journey to health, and a small donation could help prevent this from happening to other children. Additionally, a donation will help provide support to families going through a similar experience, so they feel less isolated and alone. You can make a difference to a child or family, by donating to Emmett's Fight.